Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yay or Nay - Number Targets??

Its one of those days when i have the time to reflect and restate my thoughts. The recent weeks have seen me have a different target- increasing my participant count of mentors and mentees in MindTree for the MentorMe program. I keep mulling- is this focus contradictory to having smaller number of effective participants? Well, i have discovered another solid reason to focus on numbers:- having a sizable population to project and potray to the rest of the organization. What this means is having say 3-5% of minds ( in MindTree, employees are addressed as " MindTree Minds" in the program can actually see a trajectory that enables a faster move towards our core objective of the program, which is establishing a "Connect" across minds in the organization and ensuring that there is a "one on one, focused, experiential learning " for participants. With increase in numbers, it translates to increased word of mouth branding, networking, richer experiences, greater group learning, increased program momentum- not to forget the "Testimonials"

So, it brings back thoughts of - Should Corporate Mentoring Program Administrators have Number targets and the answer is " Of course YES"


kaaya's said...

A second Yay Meena :)

The 80-20 rule applies here. The more the beneficiaries, the more people who want to be beneficiaries. There will always be issues with scaling, flexibility in intearactions and resources itself. However, if more people are part of it the quicker and faster will be the resolution of the same.
Wishing you the very best! Go mentor me program!

Meenalochani Kumar (Meena) said...

Thanks Kaaya:)