Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mentoring Crests ot troughs?

To realise that i have not blogged for one whole year! Oh migosh was my first thought. Coming to think of it, there has been so much happening in the Mentoring space. There have been three media interviews, a jump northward in the participation numbers of the mentoring program that i manage at MindTree, a seemingly 50% increase in a month..and so much branding and reinforcement of the program that i forgot to blog:)

Well, it has been a nice toss and turn the last year. A series of crests and troughs in my learning, sharing and reflecting stints. What i realise is that mentoring is all about execution as much as strategy. Its more diploblastic and certainly has two covers. Did i get lost in the exoderm- i have no clue but realise that internal systems and processes have a long strong role to play in a mentoring program's success.

What i also realise is that mentoring is all about " mindset" Once the threshold level is accesible and visible for the participants, then garnering that extra steam seems a cake walk. But tell me about it, it has taken a year to get people to accept mentoring as a mainstream way of learning!
As much as one realises that nothing can compare to a one on one, face to face interaction with your mentor, sharing your apprehensions, seeking a direction, looking for options, bettering yourself at decisions, looking beyond the immediate, turning into a child again with all inquisitiveness, and eventually growing wings and flying away like a butterfly -content and happy to have had a mentor and most of all, mentoring moments and mentoring experiences.

Where have i come one year hence? Far far away from the start, the journey filled with immense challenges, bounces and bumps- an enjoyable success at the end of it all.

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